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Siege of Zuldazar is almost here!

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Official Tides of Vengeance Update Notes!!

Originally Posted by Gin
Blue post released now with full list of changes details re 8.1 and what looks like the final changes that will be implemented Wednesday.




Quick last minute changes pre 8.1 on PTR – Class Changes and Azerite Trait Tuning & New Titan Residuum Armour vendor info.

Although we cant see these as 100% confirmed it looks like they most likely will be. Have a look at the link here:


As well as the above info something exciting re Mythic + the “Titan Residuum” Currency should be in our chests this coming week with access to new vendor armour to lvl (415)

Take a look here: Titan Residuum


Link courtesy of Wowhead.


Siege of Zuldazar


Full info below courtesy of wowhead,

Various video’s already circulating the internet, and for those of you that have played Beta might well have already had a look.. this looks to be interesting but as yet not quite finished! looking forward to it none the less.

Full link here

Tides of Vengeance

Tides of Vengeance is not too far away, you can read all about some of the up and coming changes on wowhead Here

Here is a breakdown of the detail and release calendar, + all the relevant buffs and changes (thank you wowhead)here
Looks like both the raids are going to be awesome!


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